The Overwhelming Personality of Shokugeki no Souma

Currently, Souma is sitting at a nice 8.63 on the MAL charts. I’m not exactly sure when I decided to pick up Souma, but I think it was when I was first getting into anime somewhere between late 2015 and early 2016 before the second season aired. Ever since I’ve been following the show week by week. All in all, this show is one of my favorite anime to date. Hell, I’ve started cooking every once and a while because of it (even a few dishes from the show and yea theyre fucking delicious).

Soma is pretty much the perfect character. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t have flaws, but in general, I think he’s just amazing. He’s the best protagonist a show could ask for. He’s insanely interesting as a person. He finds a way to make all of his relationships with people interesting in some way. He’s a great person and sticks up for people, constantly fighting or himself and his friends. This is one of the most interesting aspects of his character. He has a natural drive to perfect his craft. He also has a very competitive spirit, announcing at his first day at Totsuki that he’s going to rise to the top and take the first seat. Despite being as good as he is, Souma still has a lot of room to grow. It’s constantly emphasized in the show that there are always people much more skilled at cooking than Souma. This is used amazingly throughout the show. Souma is constantly working on perfecting new branches of cooking and everything that comes with them. He’s often the person in the room who knows least about the cooking that’s happening, the methods, and it’s origins. However, he’s usually the first one to grasp how to use that specific method effectively. There is so much to be learned about cooking, even or masters. This show utilizes this perfectly by constantly letting Souma evolve his culinary skills, and develop even further as a character throughout the story. He’s an extremely interesting person who’ll hold your attention for the entirety of the show. He can be funny or serious when the mood calls or it, without ever breaking the viewer’s expectations of him as a person.

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The whole way the academy is set up is perfect for the type of story that Shokugeki no Souma is. Anyone can battle anyone at any time, with whatever at stake the two agree on. An Elite Ten member can even wage their seat in a match. The school also holds lots of events that harbor a lot of student interactions. The Autumn Elections tournament arc was absolutely amazing and set up perfectly.

I could go on and on about this show for hours, but I wanted to touch on one thing in particular. I think this show has a lot of personality. All of the characters are really unique and add a new element to the story. The show has a certain way of going about things that most other shows don’t have. For instance, the fanservice. I know a lot of people have a problem with the fanservice in the show. However, I think it’s completely justifiable. The show just wouldn’t be the same without hot anime characters having their clothes burst off of them after a simple bite of food. It’s an exaggeration of food being “orgasmic” that you won’t find almost anywhere else in the medium. Things like that set this show apart from the rest in major ways.

Another major thing I like about Souma is all of its quirky characters. It’s one of those shows that introduce side characters whenever it feels like it and fully fleshes them out as an interesting character. We are given reasons to care about everyone we see. We come to see their intentions, their morals, and their dynamics with all of the other characters. No stone is left unturned in Totsuki, the creators make sure to show is the ins and outs of everything they can. Although, we only finally start to dig into the politics of Totsuki in the third season. Once this show presents the idea to us, though, it makes sure to hammer it home and give us as much insight into it as we can get. As usual, the show finds a way to put its own little spice into the system. The general types of conflict you’ll see arising are what you’d expect from this show. Usually intense and aggressive or playful rivalries.

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There’s a lot of character in the Elite Ten specifically. I really enjoyed finally getting to see a bit more of them in the new season. They’re a really interesting bunch that play off of each other well. I thought the scene with the Autumn Election finalists meeting up with the Elite Ten was a great scene that did an amazing job establishing all of the Elite Ten members right off the bat (from the pre S3 OVA). The Elite Ten is one of the most unique, interesting groups in anime I’ve ever seen. The Elite Ten and Central are the driving force of most interactions in the show, and boy, do they make it interesting. The show really knows how to set up certain interactions within the academy to keep the show unique and full of interesting situations the whole way through.

I could probably go on for a lot longer, but I’ve been sitting on this post for way too long. I’m thinking of doing a more in-depth post on one of the arcs from the first or second season like the Autumn Elections, so tell me if you’d be interested in seeing that. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, I’ll see you in 2018. o7


Ze Liebster Award OwO

So, Fueled by Smiling recently made a post on the Ze Liebster Award. I guess I was nominated (somehow). To be honest, I’m really new to this whole thing. Interaction with other people out of a conversation kind of scares me and my friend Social Anxiety gets really clingy with me around now. I’m really glad to at least dip my toes into the waters here, though. Everyone I’ve seen in this community seems nice, so I shouldn’t have much to worry about!

Image result for hxh happy                                                                            (I like HxH a lot)


  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you
  • Answer the 11 questions they ask
  • Nominate 11 bloggers for the same award in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family
  • Ask them 11 questions that you are dying for the answers to!

Smile’s questions:

1. You wake up in a windowless room with no memory of how you got there. There’s one door, but it’s locked. As you look around, you notice your family members are there as well. What is the first thing that you do?

I’d probably try to find my Uncles and ask them if they had any idea what was going on. I like my uncles a lot, I’m pretty comfortable with the lot of ’em.

2. A voice comes through the speakers informing you and your family that they’ve been chosen for a test. If they succeeded, then each member gets one million dollars, but you must stick together and do this as a family. The voice then says that if you wish to leave, then you can, but that means your family won’t win anything. One half of your family wants to leave, while the other wants to stay. You’re the deal breaker, which side do you go with?

I decide to comply and go with the game. Nothing could possibly go wrong with a game like this… Right?

3. If you chose to go with the game, congrats you can go through the door. If you chose to leave, then you can also go through the door. Ah, there’s only one door though and you’re forced to take part in the game regardless of whether you wanted to or not. How do you feel about this?

What could possibly go wrong, what could possibly go wrong, what could possibly go wrong… This would probably scare me. Since anime is real life (obviously), I’ve learned that games you have to play against your will aren’t usually the kind you want to play.

4. The door leads to a hallway, which connects to your house. Huh, that’s weird. You guys walk into your living room and sit down. Nothing happens after. In fact, you guys sit there for a good hour wondering when the game will start but you hear nothing. Someone mentions that there’s probably no game and no money. This entire thing was due to food poisoning from the food that you made. How do you feel about that?

That bad, eh? I guess Shokugeki no Souma has failed me. Maybe should’ve realized that “mystery ingredient” my little cousin brought me wasn’t going to be edible sooner. I wouldn’t be too hurt if this actually happened. I’m not gonna be salty if I happen to fail. (not really im actually crying on the inside please save me)


5. You argue your case, but no one seems to care about your words. Since nothing has happened, they decided to go with the food poisoning angle and banned you from the kitchen until further notice. Your mom tries to cheer you up, but still says the ban needs to happen. Dejected, you go up to your room only to find it trashed beyond repair. The only thing that’s okay is your mirror. When you look at it, what do you see reflected back?

I see a sleep-deprived Plebby and Hisoka, my spirit animal in my room, but clean. Hisoka shortly disappears and crawls back into my soul without another word, preparing to hibernate for the next week or two before coming back out for food. To make sure I’m really seeing my reflection, I lean in and ask my favorite color.

6. You let out a sigh and walk back downstairs. Someone trashed your room, but you don’t know who did it. As you’re walking down the stairs, you notice that the house is eerily quiet. Too quiet, in fact. You bend down and see your family playing ‘What time is it Mr. Wolf’ with a monster like creature. It seems like the game started, but you’re not a part of it. Why do you think that is?

Without my notice, my family disowned me for being bad at cooking. They needed a son or they wouldn’t have access to the local library’s “family fun time” discount that only my grandma uses. (no its not actually a thing… i think)

7. You try not to make a sound as you watch the game unfold. Your grandma ended up winning the game and everyone rejoices that they’re one-step closer in their goal. The monster like creature disappears and your living room goes back to normal. When you confront your family about the game, they ignore you. Everyone ignores you. It’s almost as if you’re not even there. What do you do to get their attention?

In reality, nothing. I’d probably go up to my room and have a panic attack lol. If I had to do something, though, I’d probably lightly shake one of my little cousins since I know they wouldn’t be the type to play tricks on me.

Related image

8. Whatever you do, it doesn’t work. Nothing does in fact. So what is worse, being accused of being a food poisoner or being ignored like this?

Being ignored is easily worse in my opinion. I’m totally fine with criticism, it’s productive and gets things done. But being ignored is something I’m pretty scared of.

9. Annoyed and even more alone than before, you push by everyone and try to leave the house. That’s when you hear your mom say your name. You turn around and see her crying saying that she wishes you were still there with them. Your dad remains stoic as he comforts her. You start walking towards her and that’s when you notice it, your body on the floor of the living room. How do you react?

I stare in shock for minutes on end, nearly passing out. I have no idea what’s going, but whatever it is sPoOkS me. I might start crying, who knows.

10. Oh wait, it’s not you, it’s not even human. You bend down to take a closer look and notice that it’s just a mannequin wearing your clothes. Weird. So why was your mother crying like that? You look back at your family and they’re starring start at you. They look angry, but distant at the same time. You let out a nervous laugh and try to move, but their eyes are locked on you. This is definitely strange, but at least they’re paying attention to you now. What do you say to them in order to get them to stop?

Uh… Guys…? What’s going on here, please don’t tell me this is a sick joke… D:

11. You try to leave the house, but the door is locked, so you rush back to your room and close the door behind you. Your family is seriously creeping you out, but what’s even creepier is that your room is no longer trashed. In fact, it looks better than ever, except for the mirror. Before it was in pristine condition, but now it’s broken and with spider webbed cracks all over. When you take a closer look, you notice someone that looks just like you staring back. They smile and wave, even though you’re not smiling and waving. Their room is in shambles, while yours is in perfect order. The figure in the mirror leans in close and asks you a simple question: What is your favourite colour?

Woah, did I just make a time loop or something? Either way, picking a favorite color is hard (i have like almost no favorites of anything tbh). I used to say yellow was my favorite, but now, it just depends on my mood. Although, I can definitively say that I hate orange. (feelin pretty blue rn but in a good way)

Image result for anime rainbow gif

Well, that was a wild ride. (note to self: avoid mirrors for the next week) It was a pleasure being involved with this. I guess I have to nominate some people and ask them questions now.

My nominations:

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Please check out all of these lovelies. I enjoy their content, and I hope you will too.

Question time now~

  1. Who’s your favorite anime character?
  2. How do you watch shows? (Weekly, binge, etc.)
  3. Why did you start blogging?
  4. If you had to choose one anime to live in, what would it be?
  5. What’s your drink of preference? (Personally, I’m all for coffee)
  6. Do you play an instrument?
  7. What’s your favorite OP?
  8. What is your favorite show from 2017?
  9. Are you a cat or a dog person?
  10. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
  11. Do you have a guilty pleasure? (No judging here :3)

Well, thanks again to Smile! Make sure to check out the other blogs and spread the love. Maybe this will give me the motivation to write more… Only time will tell.



Juuni Taisen and Kino no Tabi – Seasonal Spotlight (and why they’re good)

Juuni Taisen and Kino no Tabi are 2 of the more popular shows running this season, but they seem to have lower scores. The two are currently sitting at a 7.2 and a 7.6 respectively. Personally, I think the shows deserve a lot more credit than their MAL rankings gives them. Juuni Taisen is a battle royale with 12 different highly skilled warriors who are to fight to the death, and Kino no Tabi is the story of a traveler visiting the vastly different countries of the land. Major spoilers ahead of the outcome of the Juuni Taisen from the manga, skip this paragraph to avoid them. I’ll admit, there are some larger problems with both shows, but I think they’re taken worse than they should be. Juuni Taisen spoils the entire outcome of the plot in both the OP and the ED. If you pay attention to the order, the OP and ED show the characters in the order that they die (backwards in the case of the OP). Even if you don’t look at the OP, it’s very easy to predict who’ll be the victor in each fight. I wasn’t surprised at all to hear that Rat would win when the manga was referenced. He’s an edgy teen with an overpowered ability, of course, he’s going to win. The show also has a big tendency to get a character’s development in one episode before they get killed. Kino can also be very spacey. It can have poorly paced episodes and a lack of substance less indicative of relaxation and more of boredom.


Image result for juuni taisen tiger drunk

Juuni Taisen’s strength lies in its characters and Kino no Tabi’s can be found in the narrative that each country has to tell. Juuni Taisen has really interesting characters that all have really intriguing chemistry with each other. The characters all have their unique personality I could probably write a paragraph about each one if I was asked to. Each character is represented by an animal that represents their fighting style (also has something to do with Zodiac signs I think) (Tiger- Drunken Fist). Sadly, the fights are almost all decided because of what one fighting style can do against another, not their actual fights. However, I feel like this is a nice way to avoid relying on flashy fights and instead using the clever situations and character traits to its advantage.

Related image

The characters of Kino no Tabi are all quiet, the ones we follow at least. They have more sound personalities with one or two character traits that define their whole character. This obviously isn’t the best way to write a character, but the show makes up for it by cycling through characters we follow. They do the same with the countries as well. I think it does a very good job of presenting the idea they want to convey to us and getting the entire thing out in one episode.

Related image

Speaking of getting ideas out, I love Kino no Tabi’s beautiful narratives that it conveys throughout each episode. Each episode generally has one moral topic to highlight. Tyranny, treating others with the respect you’d want to be treated with, unconditional love, and lots of other issues that get the old think mush turning for a second. I also like how these topics aren’t forced on us. Kino’s Journey doesn’t follow a single, central idea, instead, it introduces us to a lot of tiny separate ideas and gives us just enough time to digest them before moving on in the next episode. On the contrary, Juuni Taisen seems to completely disregard morals and themes altogether. There are characters who are obviously more or less morally driven than others in the Taisen, but this never plays a single part in what happens to them, nor is it ever highlighted. The court in the brothers’ backstory episode gives us a twisted sense of whether they’re bad or good. I’m an exceptionally big fan of gray zone characters so this unexpectedly pleasant coming from this show. Sadly, another thing I noticed with the brothers’ episode was the animation of the brothers themselves seemed to be shitty for some reason. The show has kept a pretty good look throughout the show so far and that’s the only problem with the visuals I’ve had so far, so I can’t complain much. Kino no Tabi has also boasted some pretty visuals consistently. Coming from something subtitled “Beautiful World”, you’d expect a gorgeous world filled with a direction that makes every shot nice to look at. And yes, that’s what you get. The aesthetics of Kino made it really to sit back and enjoy.

Related image

Overall, Juuni Taisen and Kino no Tabi are two drastically different shows that I think are pretty underrated this season. Maybe give them a try if you haven’t and tell me what you thought of them if you already did.

Ousama Game The Animation Hurts Me

So heeeeeey, it’s been a while since I posted anything and it’s also NaNoWriMo. Perfect time to do a post on something I don’t like, right!? Hopefully, I’ll be active starting today. Don’t count on it though cause I’m lazy as hell.

also btw spoilers for episode 5 i think it might be 4 idk

Ousama Game is an adaption of the webcomic (or manga, IDK) of the same name. I read like 20 pages or something of it a year or two ago and remember liking the premise. I was pretty excited when I heard that it was getting an adaption. Little did I know how it would end up. The thing is, I kind of enjoy watching the show. I really hate it, but I also kind of like it. It’s so trashy, and I have no idea why I like it. I’ll prob give the show somewhere in-between a 6 to a 3 depending on how the rest of the show goes.

Image result for kings game anime

The last episode of this show made me feel uncomfortable (ep 5). I went to bed feeling sick. Not many shows can go as far as to make me feel bad, and I’m not really sure how it did it. The MiA finale made me cry, but not nearly as uncomfortable and sick as King’s (Ousama) Game did. I could barely tell you what happens in the episodes, seeing as they’re half flashback. The violence isn’t cool, it’s not artistic, it’s not really anything other than uncomfortable. The characters are all trash and have very one-dimensional personalities. None of them have good chemistry or anything interesting about them. Personally, I have no idea how that one girl got 15 votes.

Image result for ousama game

The show forces in thing from the manga like they have to follow what it does, but at the same time, diverting as far from it as possible. The story is boring and they don’t utilize the great premise that they’ve been given. I’m not really sure how to feel about the show. I guess I kind of enjoy it in a bit of a trashy way, but I don’t really know why I don’t have it at like a 2 or 3 already. I’m going to have to see how it goes, but seeing as it’s already been 5 episodes, I don’t see things brightening up. The visuals are pretty gross, honestly. The word that keeps coming to my mind with this show is uncomfortable. Watching it makes me feel bad. The visuals are at the same time including too much fanservice and making all of the characters… not fun to look at?

Image result for ousama game

I know this is the manga, but it shows my point.

The way that the show handles the deaths is also very strange, and not in a good way. Speaking of fanservice, a guy made his girlfriend rape his friend to save him. This could have been an interesting plot point. However, they completely fuck it up. Everything feels forced and sketchy. You aren’t invested in the characters at all and then the show throws a girl crying like “it hurt so much cause i luv u”, and we have no investment in any of them whatsoever.

Image result for ousama game

Everything feels so hollow, we just don’t care. Speaking of that, there’s no investment with the characters. Most of the scenes are focused on events emotionally with the characters, it’s probably the majority of the plot points. Yet, they still manage to have no character development whatsoever. We are given no reason to care about any of the characters. Also, they keep switching between two stories, we aren’t given any time to sit with the characters and develop an attachment to them.

All in all, this show really grinds my gears. I enjoy watching it for some reason, of which I’m not aware of, but I don’t like it. I’d advise you to skip this if you were considering starting it. uhhhhh did i do the thing???

Anime Summer 2017 – Wrapup

The Summer 2017 anime season was a bit disappointing. It had a lot of shows in the 4-7 range. It did come away with a few decent shows in the end. I’ll try to keep my thoughts brief, but I have a few posts on others shows from this season

Image result for kakegurui

Kakegurui was a strange show for the season. It pulled in a lot of people because of the gambling, people stayed for the crazy characters, and we ended up disappointed in both categories. The characters were boring and one-dimensional, the gambling was horribly set up, the story was completely boring. The story moved along without much interesting happening and I ended up hating the ending. I gave it a 7.

Image result for made in abyss

Made In Abyss had amazing world building, interesting characters, a really interesting world to explore, etc. Each layer was paced perfectly and gave us a great amount of character development. Riko and Reg were a great pair that had really nice chemistry throughout the whole episode. The show lets you know that our main characters are NOT the most powerful in the episode. It also crosses the line between good people and enemies, which I’m a big fan of. The last episode made me really emotional and bumped the show for me up to a 10.

Image result for gamers! anime

Gamers! was boring and generic right off of the bat. I dropped it after 1 episode. From what I’ve seen though, the characters have horrible chemistry and don’t understand each other. It has annoying drama which eventually turns into a love hexagon from what I’ve heard. I gave it a 5 for being uninteresting and average.

Related image

Hajimete no Gal was a show that attempted to defy the gal stereotype that may or may not have been influenced by a recent show that did last season. cough The characters were all completely one-dimensional and boring. I chuckled maybe 2 times but otherwise, it was boring. I watched up to episode 2 and nothing interesting happened with the characters. It didn’t have any redeeming qualities. I gave it a 4.

Image result for koi to uso

Koi to Uso was an annoying melodramatic show with no redeeming qualities. The dialogue was uninteresting and I would have loved to see them ditch all of the forced edge. All of the interactions felt forced and the first episode left me with a bad taste in my mouth. The story setup was really played out poorly. They had a lot of potential, but it all went to waste in the end. I dropped it after 1 episode and gave it a 3.

Image result for ballroom e youkoso

Welcome to the Ballroom was a pretty good show this season. My least favorite part about the whole show was the dancing parts. I feel that the episodes where we just get to sit down and get to know the characters better as people are the best parts. The characters are all genuinely interesting and have great chemistry. The animation works really well for the show as well. It’s nice to see all of the couple dynamics between the dancers evolve throughout the series. I enjoyed the show a lot and ended up giving it an 8.

Related image

Tsurezure Children was a really cute romantic comedy this season. I was really glad to see it get the popularity it did along with the scores it did. I think the first few episodes had a bit of lost potential because of inconsistency, but most of the show was really good. I liked how all of the couples really stayed on the edge of being together and not the entire season. The couples were all so precious and I loved watching them throughout the whole show. I agree with the half-length episodes. The jokes and couples might have started to get a tiny bit stale if not for that. I really enjoyed Tsurezure Children and gave it an 8.

Image result for isekai wa smartphone

Isekai wa Smartphone was a dumb fun show. However, unline Keijo, I didn’t enjoy it that much. I lost interest in all of the characters quickly. I didn’t mind a few things in the show and it was enjoyable every once in a while, but not enough to make me continue it. I ended up giving the show a 5 because I didn’t much to say about it when all was said and done. I dropped it after 3 episodes and might pick it up again later.

Related image

The only redeeming quality in Katsugeki was its beautiful animation. Other than that, the first episode completely failed to introduce us to the story and characters. It had horrible world-building and all of the characters were uninteresting. I didn’t care about anything happening in the first episode and ended up dropping it after 12 minutes. It was like someone just slapped a story together assuming that they didn’t need to put effort into making their characters interesting, building the world, or making us care in the first place. I gave it a 4.

Related image

NeTsuzou TRap was a drama yuri fanservice from this season that fucked up at least a little bit in every aspect. The characters were boring and didn’t have good chemistry. The writers did a horrible job. The story was set up poorly. There was not a good balance at all between fanservice and actual interesting character development at all. I’m slowly watching it with my lesbian friend and we shit on it, but its dumb fun in the end. I’m close to finishing it and have it at a 3.

Related image

18if started off looking like a weird ironic show that was good enough. Slowly, I started to realize that it wasn’t irony as much as it was fluff. The show was strange in a good way and varied in plot enough that it was able to stay interesting for the 3 episodes I watched of it before dropping it at a 6, but there isn’t much watch value beyond maybe the first episode.

Image result for pikotarou no lullaby lullaby

I have no idea what the hell this show is. It’s stupid enough to be entertaing though so you should probably go watch it since it’s only 3 minutes and won’t take up much of your time.


That’s at least a bit of what I had to say about each show I watched from this season. If there was any show that I should have given a better chance tell me and I’ll consider checking it out.

Made in Abyss, Anime of the Season

(spoilers and gore warning) Made in abyss is a beautifully crafted show that hit me stronger than anything else has in a long, long time.

(THERE WILL BE MINOR SPOILERS AND STRONG GORE) Made in Abyss was an amazing show that aired this most recent season. It started off with absolutely fantastic world-building, beautiful animation, a promising premise, adorable characters that you can’t help but care for, and a hidden dark side. For most people paying attention, it was obvious that Made in Abyss had a dark side from the beginning. Though, only the people who read the manga knew how far it was going to go. The severity of the show was really shocking in the later episodes. The arc with Nanachi and Mitty was one of the toughest things I’ve ever watched. As someone who can watch 1 Guy 1 Jar without flinching, episode 10 and 13 were legitimately difficult to sit through.


I started crying 5 separate times through the finale. We were only just introduced these characters and I already care for them on a deep emotional level. It made me sick to watch Mitty’s loss of humanity. The entire episode up to that point had been insanely tense, and finally, all of that tension released in a single moment of agony. When Nanachi was holding on to Mitty in her final moments, you could feel the desperation. At that point in the episode, my eyes were in so much pain from crying.


The character expression was perfect in that last episode. The entire show was a brilliant build-up that led to a giant burst of emotion in the final episodes. Each episode left you wanting more with well-constructed episodes that leave you with just enough information to want more. Hell, even the finale leaves us itching for season 2. All of the characters consistently have amazing chemistry and make each other better people. The music and animation are constantly beautiful. The world-building is only made better by the amazing visuals and sound design that make you feel completely immersed in the show’s world.


All in all, Made in Abyss was a beautifully constructed show that earned anime of the season by a landslide. It’s all-around amazing and never loses interest. I’m personally ecstatic about the possibility of a second season and can’t wait to see more. For me, Made in Abyss is a 10. If you have anything else that you think should be said about the show, post it in the comments.

The Corruption of Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the Elite was pretty consistently good throughout the whole show. There was definitely a dip around the fanservice episode and a rise in the survival arc, but it generally stayed around the same spot. I think that the characters were a perfect fit for the show. Some of the characters are a little over the top, but the show flips everything on its head anyways. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I’d recommend going and watching it first, it’s a good watch. The show is pretty much what I thought it would be going into it. Everything in the show would start off looking innocent, then hastily revealed to be more sinister. The reveal of Ayanokoji’s motive was the most gratifying part of the show to me. His psychopathic behavior was never hidden, but never straight up said straight to us until the end. I loved every moment that the show revealed its sinister side, and it was one of the best parts about the whole show. The show did a great job with making its characters interact, showing just what they needed to when they needed to. The setup with the points was a good idea, but nothing was done with it the entire way through apart from saving Sudo. The show was definitely hinting for a season two as a possibility. I would love to see it. I’m sure that we can find out the mystery location of Ayanokoji, the intentions for him being kicked out of the school, and a few other things that the show deliberately left unresolved. I had a smirk on my face every time Ayanokoji showed off his intellect. It’s obvious that he’s a pure genius and could do almost anything he wanted to and get away with it at this point. Even with his evident superiority to possibly everyone else in the show, I never got tired of it. His character is perfectly set up to be the amazing protagonist without flaw without it ever getting annoying. I really enjoyed the music and visuals, they were a nice complement to the tone of the show. The animator change in episodes 11 & 12 was evident, but I didn’t mind them much. All in all, I’d love to see a second season if this show with less dilly-dallying around. I’d say the show is pretty great and worth a watch from most. If you have anything to say about the show, I’d be glad to hear it in the comments. And if you need a bit more on the show look at shoujo ramen’s post